Monday, March 21, 2011


I love our canyons. You may not know that San Diego is full of secret canyons that allows one to go on a bona fide hike in the middle of the city... but it is!

We love to take early (ish) morning walks, afternoon strolls, weekend adventures, whatever. There are rambling trails, grasslands, palm trees, chollas, and often, a lot of trash. Our canyon is right in-between Market Street and 60th. It's lined on both sides by houses, and busy roads, but in the middle it's a quiet (relatively) paradise.

Our dogs love it too. They are sheep dogs through and through, and at their best when they're bounding through the tall grass. Here's are two videos to illustrate.

We get the best of many worlds here in San Diego. The hills, the sun, the beach. Mountains if you go out east far enough. The border a few exits down. It's a meeting of many wonderful worlds.

However, if you find a surfer that has lost their dogs' leash, this is what you get... wandering the canyons of North Encanto.


  1. Yay Encanto urban farmers!! This is Keryna, a friend of Colins. I can't tell you how excited I am to know that you guys are doing this right around the corner. We're down here on Wunderlin with our lil 1/4 acre but I'm super stoked and foreseeing a future when our part of town becomes an SD urban farming mecca. Hope to meet you in person soon!

  2. Hi Keryna!

    That's awesome! We would love to meet you! This is such a great area, we love it. What do you guys have going on your 1/4 acre?

  3. We've only been here since November. So far we have a bunch of weeds, some veggie/herb starts, and a small 3' x 4' raised bed to go somewhere. The heavy rains in Dec caught us by surprise, so our first big expenditure was putting in french drains and rain gutters. Hope we get to meet soon!