Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Farm: An overview.

In case you were wondering what, exactly, does our farm consist of? Is it a dairy? Do we raise livestock? Do we have any food growing/harvesting?

The answer is... no, yes, maybe someday. Our farm is a bunch of projects. Some might call them ideas...dreams...or just plain craziness.

Here's a quick overview of what we got going on. Hopefully each of these items will become their own blog posts, whenever the guys decide to start blogging... hint. hint.

The chicken coop. You've heard much about this endeavor. Which also includes turkeys.

Our Chicken Education Program
Yes, those are chickens in Trader Joes bags.

Our Composting system. Thank you Colin.

Our Garden... in progress, obviously.

Our orchard, so far.

The studio/detached bedroom.

And our hill, which we're currently taking ideas for.  

Did we mention communal living?