Monday, April 4, 2011

A revisiting of priorities

We, at this farm, have the tendency to get ahead of ourselves.  Yes, yes, it's true.  In case you did not gather that we are a group of people who are likely to make rash decisions and jump into things, well, we are.  About a month ago at this time, we were ready to be fully immersed into the animal business.  We began building our goat pen, pulled out our donated bee box, talked about how we could hurry up with the rabbit project AND we ordered a couple dozen hatchlings from McMurrays so that we could get our meat chicken production under way.  We made a broody hen veerrrry happy by letting her officially hatch our first clutch of even more chicks (because we thought that the two dozen coming were not enough) and we now have clutch number two incubating under another broody.

Take a step back.  This new month rolled around and we've realized that we really need to prioritize and not do a million things at once.  Not because we don't want to, but because we physically can't!  We don't have unlimited time, resources or money.  We need to *sniff* reign ourselves in and take things one step at a time.  We have this shell of a trailer sitting in our front yard that is going to be AWESOME in a couple of months as we pour our resources into making it a modern "room" to add to our landscape.  This is a necessity!  Before we can really swing into expanding things to grow or raise, we need to be comfortable in the amount of space we have here.  So, for the next couple a months, hopefully we will be able to keep a good log of the progress on that.  The sooner we get this done, the more quickly we can move onto the rest of the list.  And although we've put our own goat acquisition on hold, we have an awesome neighbor who let me milk theirs last night!  I'll be counting the days...

Help us order our next projects!  What would YOU do first?

1. bees
2. goats
3. rabbits
4. greenhouse (we got a bunch of AWESOME old wood windows donated)
5. tilapia


  1. They all look great to me, but if you do #4 you can put #5 inside...can you have bees in the city limits?

  2. Get #1 started with 3 lbs. bees & a super. Let them do their thing. They don't take all that much, they take care of themselves, mostly.

    But then, talk to me in a week, after my bees are up & running! ;-)

    I'd do the greenhouse next. I'd spend the summer getting ready areas for rabbits or goats next spring. Tilapia the spring after that. Maybe you'll feel better about all you want to get done if you have a road map/planning session?