Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just in time for Easter

I need to post these pictures before our chicks grow into little chickens! We recently ordered 25 chicks from Murray MacMurray Hatchery... the "all heavies" order. These are 25 chicks that we are going to raise for meat birds (eating). But right now they're pretty cute little chicks, getting bigger each day.

We also hatched our first clutch of laying hens, from our very own chickens and rooster! One of our sweet little birds, Blue (now called Mama Hen), went broody so we stuck a bunch of our other eggs under her, and she sat on them for at least 21 days, and then they all hatched!

So now we have a lot of little chickens. I have two videos for you. One is Mama Hen with her babies. They like to cuddle up underneath her like Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker. Note also the tiny backwards leg stretch by one of the little chicks. So adorable.

The other video is a running "chick-cam" of our 25 chicks. It's long, so if you want a dose of easter goodness (of the hallmark variety, not really the Passion variety) feel free to watch as much or as little of this one as you like. There's some cute stuff in there. They have such funny little personalities.

And, if that's not enough, go ahead and click here for more precious chick pics.

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