Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Harvest days

While we haven't gotten as huge of a tomato harvest as I would have hoped, and the majority of our tomato plants are dying back (from a still unknown plague), our cherry tomatoes are the clear winners this summer. They keep coming, in beautiful colors and explosive tastes. 
 Also a prolific summer producer... our patty-pan squash. They're huge, and come in the greatest shapes. They remind me of something you'd find in the sea. Sea-squash, perhaps. Anyone have any good patty-pan recipes?


  1. This is my own recipe, and quite tasty, I think!

  2. mmm! that looks delicious. not having seen your comment, i made stuffed squash this Tuesday, but I didn't cook the squash enough before stuffing and baking. They were a little too al dente. We'll have to try your recipe next time!