Thursday, July 26, 2012

Snakes on a Farm

Nothing will make you have to change your underwear faster than opening up the worm compost bin and finding a snake inside.  Apparently, I shrieked like a little girl before I called for Colin, our much more manly houseguest, to come and catch it.  Its interesting to get to be part of a more natural cycle of life when you choose to take even a small step out of our consumer grocery store lifestyle and try something as simple as letting worms eat your garbage.  We don't throw our spoiled food in the garbage, we let the worms eat it, then the worms attracted a mouse (which I noticed in our bin numerous times), the mouse then attracted this beautiful California Kingsnake! Yet another reason NOT to use poison for rodent control! There is no such thing as poisoning just rodents, everything that eats them gets poisoned too, which eventually makes your property a dead zone.  When things are in balance, you might have some rodents, but you'll also get snakes, owls and hawks to keep them in check. Let nature do the work and we will hopefully will have less mice, better compost and more fun animal encounters.

I might have shrieked, but Camille is one brave little girl

Forget kittens, these girls want a pet snake
Colin having a moment, thanks for catching it buddy!

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