Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chicks 2012

As promised, albeit delayed, here are pics from the arrival of chicks we got a few weeks ago. Beware: excessive cuteness below.
Straight from the secret 24-hour post office (no joke), our chicks arrive from the official Radio Acres hatchery, Murray McMurray. Chicks are shipped the moment they hatch, as they can survive for a few days from the egg they're hatched out of and stay warm from the other 24 babies in there.
Hello little ladies (and two men)! Welcome to Radio Acres Farm! 

Must make these pics large for the extra dose of eastery preciousness. eeeh. look at those sleepy eyes!
Setting them up in their new home...
Everyone loves the new chicks. 
Here's a list of the different types of chicks we got this round:
1 Turken! (for Kim)
2 Cuckoo Maran roos (1 was free)
1 mystery rare exotic chick (thrown in for free as well)

We're excited about increased egg production in the fall!

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