Monday, February 27, 2012


It's so exciting and freeing to be able to dream a little again on our hopes here. This weekend we had a work day with some friends who wanted to get their hands dirty and do a little digging. It was awesome and inspiring to see how much work could be done in such a small amount of time and also to see what a loving community we have around us. We are finally moving again. This electric current of ecstatic excitement seems to be flowing through all of us, bouncing off of each of us and inspiring us with the potential of this land.
 We also received an order of chicks last night! Its been a while since we've had babies in this house, so that's really exciting. We couldn't resist throwing some of the rare and exotic breeds into the mix, so we got a few that we've never had before like White Faced Black Spanish, Minorcas, Salmon Faverolles, a beautiful little Polish top-hat and a Turken! Sarah took a bunch of pictures which I am sure she will post soon, but here are some generic ones off the 'net that I found to give you a little show of what we're expecting...

These pictures are off the Murray McMurray Hatchery Website, which tends to be the place that we order most of our birds. We've had really good luck with them thus far and have never had anything but good flocks of really happy, hardy babies arrive. Can you tell which breed is which?


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