Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cute kitties.

About two weeks ago we were volunteering to do a neighborhood work day.  One of the guys from our neighborhood sets this awesome event up once a year.  He scours the neighborhood and asks for references, hoping to find a few people who REALLY need some help with some general house maintenance.  The house we happened to be working on this year was an elderly woman, along with her daughter and young grand children.  Men were visibly absent from the mix and it looked like they had lived in that same house for a LONG time.  The yard was full of trash and decomposing furniture.  Things like empty glass jars and children's toys looked like they'd been stored outside, uncovered since the '80s.  It was a real train wreck.  I didn't take any pictures, and for the sake of the family I wouldn't post them if I did.  There are a couple of sweet things that we took away from this house, though -

Two of the very cutest kitties ever!  They are finally about 6 weeks old and they could use a good home.  We are down with keeping ONE of them (maybe), but if you or anyone you know would love a very sweet baby kitty, please let us know!  The boy is all black and the girl is the gray tabby.  They were hiding behind a piece of old furniture outside the house, and we are very glad that we were there to take them and try to find them a good home.  Help us stop this vicious street-cat cycle and adopt your very own today...

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