Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This weekend was our goodbye party for tom and bria. It was much fun, but also sad. They are packing up and moving in a flash, so it was nice to take a night and celebrate them, slow down, eat some tacos. Post party, we feel a little like this:

But, we have some great leftovers. My cast iron skillet is my absolute favorite item of our kitchen (better than a microwave). I highly recommend one for every kitchen. Very multi-purpose. Once you get a skillet, I highly recommend this cookbook.   Anyhow, using this pan, I cooked up the best breakfast taco I've ever eaten in my life.
That's some al pastor from Murphy's (favorite meat of the night, better than carne asada!), a corn tortilla,  and my husband's famous poached egg. They combined to make this wonderful post-party breakfast. 
Bria and Tom, you will be missed. Let us eat tacos together for many more years to come, despite what coast we're on. 

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