Monday, February 7, 2011

Looking ahead.

Just getting off of an interesting week of change.  One kid is finally getting over her sinus-to-ear infection with a hefty dose of antibiotics (sigh).  This past week a big change occurred for all of us!  We have officially grown our farm numbers from 4 adults and two kids to 5 adults + 2.  Yes, yes, we acquired another adult somewhere along the way.  Colin will be living with us for a period of time.  It's very exciting because he is really into the FARMING aspect of all of this, and since none of us really have the time and energy to put as much as we'd like into it, he will be the designated farm hand for the next few months.  We've got projects on the drawing board and hopefully will be able to really make some movement towards feeling like a real farm!  Aside from our poultry endeavors and some rogue fruit trees we've managed to stick in the ground, we've been pretty lax about this food production thing.  It makes me so sad when I have to buy salad and chard every week!  This is all stuff that God has given us the ability to grow ourselves with nothing more than a little tenderness and time, yet we still haven't put seeds in the ground.

Another big change that happened last week was that I finally QUIT my JOB!  This is a big deal, and I'm still hyperventilating a little.  It seems that since I've started there, it's just been so tough for me to achieve any type of balance in my life.  It's a super high stress job and it's been difficult for me to manage and still feel good about the dedication I've been giving my friends and family (non-existent to some of you this past year, I know!  And I feel really bad about it, and that's going to CHANGE!)  My last day is the end of this month.  I will be entering the world of personal chef-dom, so if you know anyone that is interested in having a fantastic chef make all of their meals every week, send them my way!  I also hope to begin teaching more fitness classes and just be a better mom, wife, and friend in general.  BREATHE.

In the next week or two we will finally be getting our travel trailer!  Initially we had put some money down on an old vintage Airstream, which didn't pan out.  Turns out my gramps has an old 1960-ish Travel-Eze sitting on his lot that he offered to donate to our farm for free!  It's gonna need some TLC, but we can't wait to get to work fixing her up.  Here's a pic.  I don't for some reason have any full pictures of the thing, but you can get the gist.

We will be having a celebration next weekend for some of our friends that are moving to New York.  It's a fantastic opportunity for them and we are of course thrilled, but it's always so bittersweet to say goodbye.  I suppose it just means we'll have to take a trip out that way sometime soon!  We have friends in Boston we've been meaning to go visit as well, so maybe this will be the nudge we need.

I promise to look back soon and post those pictures and the turducken process.  Take care!

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  1. Congrats on the job! That is exciting. I just went back last week. So far I am happy! Miss you tons. Glad to hear you are well!!