Sunday, March 16, 2014

Springtime and Goats

Boo gave birth to her babies today. She officially had two goats, our very first births of this magnitude on the farm. Sadly, one of the little guys didn't make it but the kid that's left is spunky as can be. Camille and Estelle have decided to name him Pickles; I don't think any of we adults are getting any choice in the matter. Spring is definitely in the air! Currently we also have baby bunnies and a gaggle of chicks wandering around. 

On the home front, Sarah and BJ are studiously mapping out a year of seed so that we can attempt to grow as much as possible off the land this year. Romantic promises of home canned tomatoes, freshly ground maize and hand threshed wheat are stealing our hearts as we remember idealistic fantasies of the sustainable lifestyle that originally enticed us to buy this land in the first place. It's easy to move away from initial dreams as life happens around you - sometimes you have to hit the pause button and reset a few things. Enjoy the video! It's short, but very cute.

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