Thursday, September 19, 2013

Late Summer Farm Haps

Well, it's been a while and there is no way to walk through everything that's been happening since spring, so let's just do a quick update to bring you up to speed.

On the farm we've had a few changes:
1) We sold Beverly to an awesome little farm in Spring Valley called Valley View Farm that you can find here. We decided that it was time to cut back on the milking duties for a while since we've been super busy with other personal projects that you can read about below.
2) During the above mentioned sale, we acquired a beautiful little buck to add to our rabbit collection. That means that we now have a, err, rabbit production project on our hands!
3) We added a bunch of new beds and have a ton of plantable space. This season was the first season that we had it all in production and we had tomatoes coming out of our ears! We've made more sauce, salsa, and canned tomatoes than we know what to do with.
4) Our back studio/ green house bathroom thingy officially got permitted. This is a HUGE deal for us and we are super excited to finally be done with city permitting. You can read more about the studio and bathroom here, here and here.
5) We acquired Boo and Bean! I don't know why we hadn't posted about them yet, but they were a big addition to the farm within the last year. They are two cute little Nigerian dwarf female goats. Since we sold Beverly, our next project will be to find a boy Nigerian dwarf to breed them with. We are ready to make some baby goats.

We've recently had a lot of winter squash and sunflower seeds to harvest. Here are some of the delicious benefits.

On the home front, we've all had a lot going on:
1) I quit my full time job. I am trying again to contain my work to part time so I can put more time into life, family, farm and community.
2) The two farm girls started a new school. It's a 70% school (30% homeschool) so they get to spend more time at home and I am really valuing this time with them.
3) Our farm-mates had a baby! He is the sweetest little bundle of blond curls. We now officially have a farm.
4) Yes, we are all still living here in community together! I can't believe it's been a solid three years and that we all still kind of like each other. It's been some craziness, but I love being with these people who
I love and I am inspired by them every day. We are blessed, and looking forward to another year...

I will try to be more diligent about posting since I've currently got more time on my hands! Thanks for reading.

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