Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Turkey Time

Last post was about Food Day, but certainly tomorrow is the USA's true food day. We're having friends and family join us at the farm (lonely? let us know!) and this past weekend we harvested our turkeys in preparation for the feast!

Did you know that the turkey is the only animal native to North America that was domesticated? It's believed to have been domesticated in Mexico, and spread northward, ending up on our thanksgiving dinner plates. Did you also know that turkeys are some of the ugliest  strangest looking birds you'll ever see? They have all kinds of things hanging off them or bulging out of their face. Poor birds.

Our friends from She Shoots He Scores came to visit for the weekend and shot this amazing video of the farm.

Happy Thanksgiving from Radio Acres! May you eat good food and love those around you tomorrow.

Radio Acres Farm from SheShootsHeScores on Vimeo.

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