Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bathroom, too.

So, Sarah posted a little while ago about her favorite part of the bathroom - the clawfoot tub.  While I do think this was an awesome find, I think that the thing I was most excited about was the awesome toilet we found!  Throughout the process, from the point of conception of the idea, the thing that I really wanted to make was a stand-alone functional structure that didn't have to be tied into any utilities.  We didn't succeed fully because we did decide to tie it into the electrical rather than put solar panels on it, but only with the though that we would hopefully someday soon have our entire house running off of solar.  We also did tie it into the water line, BUT the coolest thing is that the only thing we have running out of it is gray water that we hope to use to water our fruit trees.  We were able to secure an awesome Envirolet all-in-one composting toilet so that we could avoid the sewer line and any problem of potential black water.  On one of my previous posts, I had voiced the dilemma we were having with the toilets - we had secured a very fancy composting toilet that wouldn't really work with what we had because it needed to sit way above the composter like this:
Through a series of fortunate circumstances, we were able to sell our Sun-Mar toilet that we bought for $600 for $1200 on Ebay!  Of course, we hadn't taken into account all of the shipping and other fees we'd have to pay (another story), but we still ended up making a couple of hundred dollars profit off of the sale.  Now our problem was that these Envirolet toilets retail for almost $1500.  We definitely didn't have it in our budget to drop an extra $800 on a toilet, so we kept our eyes opened on Craigslist.  Low and behold, a posting appeared, asking $400.  Of course, it was for sale in Watsonville, which is quite a way from San Diego.
Thankfully, Sarah has family in the Central Coast, they lined up a visit and picked it up on the way home!  It worked out great, and we weren't upside down on our budget.  It looks amazing in it's little corner niche.
And here's the king's view from the throne:

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  1. Hello,
    I found your blog thru pinterest. We are in the process of looking for a composting toilet. Now that you've had it awhile, do you still love it as much? If you could email me any information. I would so appreciate.

    Thank you for your time,