Monday, January 31, 2011

Flashback: Thanksgiving

Do you miss Thanksgiving? The tasty aromas? The brisk fall air? The friends and family? Well, have no fear. We have been delinquent about blogging here at Radio Acres Farm, and failed to accurately document our first farm-grown Thanksgiving. So here's your chance to relive that glorious day.

I plan on doing a Thanksgiving-through-pictures... and I'm hoping my husband will write an entry on the terrible but awesome Thanksgiving massacre, and Kim will illuminate all with the way to make a Tur-duck-en.

Are we ready for this?
The last living picture of our prettiest turkey.
The dying dance of the turkeys.
Turkey death row. 
Our supplies.
It is done.
Out of respect for life, dead animals will only be photographed when they are getting ready to be eaten. Did I get that right, J?
Deep-frying two birds. By far the best way to cook a turkey.
Table set, friends coming over.
Turducken! Delicious.
The food line. A bountiful harvest.


  1. I'm never going to get over having missed this, but am encouraged by the prospect of being front and center, cleaver in hand, for next year.

  2. I Love the new Kill suit Kim (re: plucking photo).