Sunday, December 26, 2010


Here are some good rainy pictures from in-and-around the farm!  Quite exciting times for a usually rain-less San diego.

During the day that day (Wednesday) we also took the girls downtown to hand out donuts and coffee/tea to San Diego's wet and homeless.  Once when we were giving food to folks down there, one of the homeless guys mentioned this idea of hot coffee on a rainy day and how fantastic it would be.  Jeremy has wanted to do it ever since, so we spent our morning running around for a giant coffee maker and 300 donut holes.  It was all actually very worth it.  We made some cold homeless quite happy.  I don't have pictures of that to share, though!  I always feel weird taking photos of them.

I know there is so much to blog about - I really want to fill you in on everything from now over the past month!  Sarah's got all of the Thanksgiving photos so I'll let her post them.  It was fabulous and we had a great time with friends.  We are officially moved in, though not totally organized.  It's been a transition for sure, but I think we were all really ready for it.  So far, so good - loving every minute of it and really loving the people that we've jumped into this with.  I can't believe it's already been over a month!  Whew - 1/12 of a year down =)


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