Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turkeys, more drama

Why did we just invest 27 weeks in these turkeys when one of the bigger ones decides to go a die today. I mean WTF?!? She must have known Thanksgiving was drawing near. But really, we had that turkey since it was the size of my iphone dammit! I drove it back and forth in my car between the farm and the Blough's house. I chased a coyote out of its coup when it was young. I squeezed its crop when it got all bloated and gross and made it vomit all over the place. I mean crap, I was really looking forward to eating that bird. Not to mention, it ate its way through so much organic poultry feed, it would have sold for $20 a lb. at the grocery store, and now its buried underneath a garden bed.

For those of you thinking that your raising your own free range organic turkey for Thanksgiving is a good idea let me give you some advice. Whole Foods has a great selection of free range birds already packaged, de-feathered and cleaned. The experiment is not worth it. These birds are much harder to manage than chickens, get sick more often, have more problems and have the mental capabilities as your average garden snail. Kim and Sarah are not going to like that i posted this blog. But, i don't care. I have had to bury two turkeys already. Not to mention the 2 we lost to coyotes and the other 4 that died when they were still chicks. I am telling you people, i don't care how good the other 4 are going to taste come the Big Day, it has been a hassle and a bother raising these birds.

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  1. BJ,

    I love the honesty! I'm so sorry for your loss...I can only imagine how good that turkey would have tasted. Learning that some birds are more difficult to take care of (e.g., turkeys, ducks!, etc.) is really news to me. I just assumed that "poultry is poultry."

    Again, sorry for your loss.