Monday, October 4, 2010

Home life

As you can see from Sarah's last post, puppies have arrived!  They are extremely cute and we are all now currently in puppy glee.  They are a little shy right now, but finally starting to find their way out of their shell.  They seem to be so smart!  They are herding dogs by nature, so we'll see how their instincts manifest with a gaggle of chickens and children.  I have heard that they have a tendency toward "herding" children, so this should be fun to watch as they grow (although I don't know if my kids will think it's too funny...)

We got some great news last week that our first mortgage FINALLY was approved for a short sale.  As most of you know (though some may not) we have been trying since April to short sale our current home so that we can move into the farm and jump into community living.  I think that especially these last couple of months have been a bit trying on us, having to juggle the two households and trying to pitch in as much as we can at the farm while straining to keep up this home as well.  Between juggling jobs and school, two homes and striving to strike a family balance I know that we are pretty worn out.  We are now just awaiting approval from our second mortgage, though the company that holds that mortgage has been so difficult to work with that I am unsure of what may manifest.  I feel as if we are toeing a fine line between short sale and foreclosure. It will be a relief when this is finally over one way or another so that we can just move over there and start the next chapter in this experimental life.   I think at this point we don't really care what happens, we just are looking forward to it being over with.

Everything farm related is still just so enticing to me and I am really sad that it didn't work out this time with the goats!  I haven't been combing craigslist to jump into this quite yet because I don't feel as if we're anywhere near being ready, but I am really excited about future endeavors involving goats milk and cheese.  I anxiously await the time when I can start The Rabbit Project and wonder when we will be ready to work on the tilapia pond.  So many fabulous projects are turning the cogs in my head, but I know that it must be a slow and deliberate process to avoid backfire and resentment.  As the idea of finally selling this home is a reality, I am now able to somewhat loosen the reigns on my excitement and imagine what the nearer future may hold.  Just praying that these transitions will be as smooth as possible for all of us and that we are blessed with grace, openness and acceptance once we are all living together and that any fears will be unfounded.  Wish us luck!
Our little home for the past 4 years.


  1. The Rabbit Project. Dislike button.

    Great article on rabbit meat. If your gonna eat it... may as well be sustainable and as eco friendly as possible. I would love to never eat meat unless it was something that I killed myself and very occasionally. This seems to be a good path to do it.