Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today, today, ahhhh.  We have been staying on the farm by ourselves for the past few days because our counterparts are out of town.  I had high hopes of doing work around here while they were gone, but geez!  We have hardly had a minute to do anything aside from eat and sleep here.  It's High Holy Days right now for me at work, which is insane since it's the first year I've ever worked at a synagogue.  I had to be downtown at 7:00 am this morning and have worked 10 hour days all week!  I ditched early today because it's my birthday and I didn't feel like working anymore, but I still did nothing productive around here.

Maybe tomorrow we'll get a chance to finish the drywall in the studio and put up the last of the garden boxes and plant those seeds in the last bed.  It is really difficult with all of us working full time to find the time to do things around here.  We just have to keep telling ourselves that we have actually already done quite a lot, all things considered.  It will inevitably be a constant work in progress and we should enjoy the labor of love as much as we can.

I craigs-listed for a little while today and inquired on a couple of breeding rabbits and a heritage tom turkey.   Maybe breeding will be our next little venture as we keep moving forward, finding ways to whittle time out of our days to do these things that we all have a passion about.  Well, not everyone may have a passion for breeding animals and raising meat, but it's my interest!  I guess that's one of the great things about this project -we all have our own passions and things that we love and that we are good at that we can bring to the table.  No one person has to be the master of everything, but if we all work together we can produce something that is really cool.  More to think on.  G'nite!

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